Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's a Dungeons and Dragons ride...

I picked up the PHB book for D&D 4e (or Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition as it's less commonly known) last weekend on its release. So far it looks great, the R&D team have been very bold with their decisions and created something that i think is a genuine step forward for the game.
I think being a slave to continuity is bad for our industry, it became the albatross of U.S. comics, and it's great to see D&D (or WoTC) put it to the side, and do something genuinely fresh, fun, and most importantly imaginative. We've only been dabbling with character creation so far so I'll let you know how we get on as we play our first games.

I should add that Wayne's covers look great, and Ralph's interiors are epic :) they've done some great work on these books.

I stumbled on this great overview of 4e when I was looking for other peoples reviews of the core books. But you have to remember people who review stuff have an agenda...including me ;)